When it was born in nineteenth century, sociology represented the premier social science which replaced theology as “the queen of the sciences”. It was born as the science of the troubled industrial society. In twentieth century that witnessed the fragmentation of knowledge in parallel with the progress of secularization, sociology -though still having a central place- became merely anyone of the branches of the social sciences. Nowadays, what kind of function sociology will perform in a world entering a post-modern and post-industrial age is a serious matter of debate. This changing conjuncture calls for sociology to overcome the quantification and narrowing in its vision and regain the holistic vision that it had in nineteenth century and return to qualification.  

Sociology is the best candidate for the multi-disciplinary perspective which our ever-complexifying age requires. Sociology combined with philosophy is the sole discipline which will be able to show the social scientists of our age the forest where they can place the trees in such an age being not able to distinguish the forest while over-concerning itself with trees.   

Turkey is a dynamic and fast-growing country and as a result has increasing problems which call for certain solutions. Thus, sociology is one of the most required branches of sciences in Turkey. In this context, Sociology Department aims to contribute to the social scientific vision of Yildiz Technical University and improve the conditions of scientific knowledge production of the academicians and researchers.

Founding in 2011, our department initiated the master education program in a short time. We hope to complete our preparations to initiate our undergraduate program as soon as possible.